Safe Haven – Nicholas Sparks

‘Promise me something, you’ll take a lot of pictures and only regret the ones that you didn’t take.’


Safe Haven is about Erin/Katie, who runs away from her abusive and controlling Husband who is a high up detective working in the police force, and she ends up in Southport where she meets Alex and his two children…

This is such a lovely, heartfelt story and it touches upon some really hard subjects. This includes domestic abuse, alcoholism, manipulation and control. Besides these, it also carries a beautiful love story between Erin and Alex.

If you’re someone who has read Nicholas Sparks’ other books such as The Notebook and Dear John, I really think that you would enjoy this as its a little more thrilling and makes you want to continue reading!

I’ve rate all of @nicholassparks books that I’ve read at 5 stars, I think he’s so passionate in his writing and stories and it’s so evident throughout his books. I highly recommend them, especially if you’re a sucker for a good romance!

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