The Great Gatsby – F. Scott Fitzgerald


The Great Gatsby is about a man who came from nothing, to someone rich, and in his time, famous. Everyone knew the name Gatsby. He held marvellous parties, but little did anyone know that they weren’t for fun. He had high hopes that his one true love would some day walk through the door, after he brought a house just over the water from hers… Little did he know though that finding her finally, would be the end of him.

This was @letsgetclassical_bookclub June pick, and I LOVED it!I haven’t read very many classics, but this was absolutely outstanding. It’s a short but sweet book and I loved everything about it!

There isn’t really anything I could fault about it really… the writing was perfect, and the storyline was amazing! I love how he paints Gatsby’s past, and how in love he is with Daisy, and the lengths he goes through to be with her! But I also love how he shows that some people will choose money and security over everything else, no matter what! And I think Fitzgerald shows this so so well, particularly at the very end of the story with Daisy! And that she isn’t the perfect, beautiful girl that Gatsby believes her to be.

I also really enjoy the film adaptation to this! Although it’s slightly modernised with the music that is used, it fits very well I think! And most of the film is actually word for word which I love! Nothing important is really missed in the film, which I find happens a lot with other adaptations!

What do you think about the film adaptation?✨

All in all, I would recommend this book to everyone! Whether you enjoy classics or not, I do feel as though this book could be for everyone!📚🌼✨

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