Dead To Her – Sarah Pinborough

Being the second wife can be murder…


Publish Date – 04/06/2020

Firstly, thank you to Harper Collins UK/HarperCollins Fiction & Sarah Pinborough.

Dead To Her is a thriller that is based on two females, Marcie and Keisha, who are “second wives” of their current husbands, that are in an elite group of friends. Their friends are seriously rich, with whom they envy, they all seem to have the most perfect lives. The story is told from both Marcie and Keisha’s perspectives, and you learn a lot about their backgrounds. The two of them came from nothing, so to marry into the lives of their husbands was like a dream come true for them. Keisha manages to grab the attention of Marcie’s husband, Jason, and she refuses to be pushed to one side… The lengths Marcie will go to, to get what she wants, who knows how far she’ll really go…

I actually really enjoyed this book; I was literally hooked from the first chapter which isn’t very common for me. There is so much suspense throughout the novel that I just couldn’t put it down and managed to finish it in less than a day! It’s a book full of lies, sex, deceit and murder, what’s not to enjoy?

It’s the kind of book where you’re constantly guessing who did what and what’s going to happen next, and it turns out to be completely wrong! There are so many twists and turns throughout the book from the beginning right until the end, and I constantly found myself thinking “wow, that was completely unexpected”! I wouldn’t say it’s your typical thriller that is very predictable, its actually quite the opposite.

With the book being released in the next two days I highly recommend anyone to read this! Definitely won’t disappoint.

Blood Orange – Harriet Tyce

‘A damaged marriage, a toxic affair, a dark obsession…


Okay, hooooly shit. I wouldn’t usually swear in a review but wow!

I started this book a few days ago, and took my time reading it as it’s such a heavy read. From the middle onwards I could barely put it down, it’s one of the most intense books I think I’ve ever read.

Alison is a woman who has what seems to be everything. A family, a career as a barrister, everything she ever wanted. But it never seemed enough… and nothing was ever as it seemed.

Throughout the book there were times that I hated Alison, and that what ever happens to her she deserves, then at other points of the book I felt sorry for her, even after everything she’s done. Alison is made to believe that she single handedly ruined her marriage, but is that true? Or was it already ruined when it had barely begun?

At work she’s been given her first murder, the most important case she’s ever took on. As the case comes to a close, everything begins to come together for Alison. The case, her life and the tragedy that has come with it all… ⠀⠀ ⠀⠀

The ending is so unexpected… but if you read back to the prologue at the beginning of the book you realise the ending was there the whole time, it never quite made any sense. But with the context of the story it all makes sense now when you re-read it…

It’s an incredible read as a physiological thriller and would recommend it to everyone who enjoys those types of books… @harriet_tyce definitely made a masterpiece with this book! I hope that she releases more as I know now that I’ll pick up any book that she writes🌼✨