The Beautiful – Renee Ahdieh


Set in 1872, New Orleans, there’s a mysterious killer lurking in the shadows – and wherever Celine goes, chaos follows. Who the killer is, is a mystery to all, and Celine decides it’s best for her to stay well away from her loved ones after her friends are involved in a fatal moment. In the other part of town is Bastien and his family of vampires, and they very much want to know who this killer is, as is causing absolute Mayhem in their town. When Celine and Bastien finally cross paths they do what they can to keep themselves and their families safe. The thing to ask is, is the killer someone closer to home than they thought? Are they right under their noses?

I read this book as I got accepted for The Damned which is the sequel, which I shall be reviewing next so keep your eyes peeled!

This is the first fantasy I have read in a long time after reading thrillers and more contemporary fiction, so it was like reading something I’ve never read before! I enjoyed how the perspectives change between Celine, Bastien and the unknown killer. Getting an inside on the killers mind was very interesting – but also frustrating at the same time as you just want to know who he is! When the murders happen, they are very much blood and gore, but without going into too much detail if you know what I mean? So I would definitely recommend this for younger readers/those of you who enjoy YA fantasy series.

Unfortunately for me there was a few negative points that I feel I should mention in my review – as always I try to keep it entirely honest without the risk of coming across as brutal or harmful! So please do remember these are my views and mine only, there has been no other input on this other than from myself! Just because I only rated it two stars, does not mean you may not rate it five stars yourself! I will always recommend the book regardless – so to any readers, reviews and authors – please do not be disheartened by my reviews – it just means that the book just wasn’t for me!

My main points that I disliked was that I felt that although there were multiple murders throughout, it wasn’t until the final 10% that it really GRIPPED me. There wasn’t much action for me, or at least not enough for me to feel like I should keep going! But for the sake of my review for The Damned I felt like I must, so that I knew how the story continues and whether it connects well with each other!
I also feel like it lacked romance, I expected an all-consuming, passionate romance/love story but that just isn’t what I felt like I got, so I will say I was slightly disappointed in that.

I won’t elaborate too much as I want you to have a read for yourselves and see what you think! I have seen many, many readers who really enjoyed this, so again, please do not be disheartened that it just wasn’t for me! I value all readers and authors and their books – so whilst my reviews may not be what you hoped for, it doesn’t mean I won’t necessarily read any of that authors future work!

Let me know what your thoughts are if you’ve read this!